East Meets West … A Love Story

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A beautiful journey began when a beautiful young Chinese girl of culture and perseverance crossed paths with a kind and hard working young American boy. How did their future unfold – did they pass each other in the crowded college hallway, did their … Continue reading

Fall takes my breath away

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Photography is ‘drawing with light’  –  I recently read that on the blog The Daily Post.  Think about it!  True!  That analogy inspired me to look at my photography from a new perspective.  I always struggle with capturing the beauty of … Continue reading

Building a child’s dreams…one book at a time

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Do you remember your first book?  I remember the feel of turning each page…the joy of discovery…  That joy comes back as I watch  my 4-year old grandson lean forward in anticipation of what I’ll read on the next page, his … Continue reading

The perfect sunflowers…

So I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to take some road trips and photograph nature wherever I ended up, bring home some samples of my trip and see what table settings I could come up with. Somehow the last few road trips have ended up with wine…hmmm since I live in the amazing wine country surrounding Lodi & Stockton…we shouldn’t be surprised. Continue reading

Welcome Sweet Alice

We all love welcoming a new baby…thoughts of holding a sweet little one, kissing soft cheeks…falling in love all over again with God’s finest creation… This week, my staff and I hosted a work-baby shower for ‘soon to be stay-at-home-mommy’ Jen and her little … Continue reading

Lilacs, Spring & a Day for Mom

It’s always been Love = Roses = Mom…. but this year, I fell in love with lavender and lilacs…it’s soooo spring.  I love the crisp mornings gently rolling into warm days and the evening ending with a soft coolness that … Continue reading