Fall takes my breath away

Photography is ‘drawing with light’  –  I recently read that on the blog The Daily Post.  Think about it!  True!  That analogy inspired me to look at my photography from a new perspective.  I always struggle with capturing the beauty of nature as my eye sees it.  The texture, the softness, the vibrancy – they never seemed to translate into my photographs.  Do my fellow amateur photographers struggle too? – – how do you capture the amazing beauty God surrounds us with?


You  can be so vibrant – so rich – urging us to deeply breathe in the fresh crisp air; to wrap up cozily in a soft well-loved sweater and take a brisk walk.


Bet you didn’t know this about me – but I always hold onto a season, unwilling to say goodbye – just one more day… one more experience….But then it captures me so I let go and embrace the new season; and I’m in love again!  And oh yes – fall is by far one of my greatest loves!

fall collage pumpkins & japanese maples

But this year…at this time in my life, I wasn’t ready for Fall’s vibrant colors.

I needed the calm of soft creams and golds, the play of light on water,

the leaves turning from green into liquid gold.

One day while hiking along the river near his house,

my grandson and I found just what I needed

Even his four-year old heart saw the beauty

We contentedly sat shoulder to shoulder, with our legs dangling over the edge of the pier, eating our picnic and soaking up the beauty before us.


I wanted to immerse myself in the beauty of fall…to see this amazing season with fresh eyes – with the perspective of ‘drawing with light’.

Would I be able to capture the fullness of fall with my camera? – probably not; but I was inspired, and for lack of a more imaginative word – We enjoyed just being in the moment.


Here’s a table setting inspired by fall’s golden colors




linen napkin fabric ribbon with brooch
Minten-dish-harvest-basket-broochI love the gold on our Minton place settings – with a perfect fall bouquet brooch


I made a satin, lace and pearl napkin holder – what do you think?

or do you like this one?  I pressed a small japanese maple leaf onto a copper/bronze ink stamp pad and adhered it to a thankfulness card I printed

each family member received a different ‘thankfulness thought’


How could you not love our etched amber vintage port glasses;

they just shout ‘FALL IS HERE!”



I found another perfect brooch for fall – a golden feather


the reds of fall – beautiful……



Fall – I believe you showcase the end of a season…

& the beginning of a new one with grace and strength..

But don’t move on too quickly, I’m not ready for Winter….


This morning I read these words in a devotional by Debbie Johnson:

‘I want to be inspired by God at every turn.

More than that, I need to be inspired.

‘I want to watch for God and breathe Him in’….

Thanks for sharing my letting go of summer and embracing fall

I pray God will inspire you at every turn.

 so walk outside with me and let go…Carol

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