Weathered Barnwood Table Centerpieces

Don’t you love the look of old barnwood, the texture, the weathered paint, the lichen clinging to the sides; the color looks so wonderful with any flower.


There is just something so appealing to me about old barnwood and I SOOOO wanted to make some table centerpieces for an upcoming Stockton Rotary Boots, Bales & BBQ fundraiser dinner.

 But do you know how hard it is to find old weathered wood!?

 Then —LUCKY ME —

my daughter’s friend wanted to tear down a structure on his ranch!


 Yippee…Next mission – convincing my ‘knows-how-to-do-anything husband

that this would be a fun project we could do together!

 5 hours later, he was still ‘having fun‘ with me!  Hahahah!

PS… I did reward him with a shrimp dinner and yummy glass of wine

SOOO, if I can do this, you can too! (borrowing my husband is negotiable)

Supplies needed:

Wood – finding is the hard part of this project


Planter Insert


Plywood and paint for inside of bottom (optional)

Table Saw

Nails & Wood Glue


That’s it!

Next – What size??  Start with choosing a waterproof insert

and build around that.

 I chose a studier plastic insert from Home Depot instead of the thinner clear plastic types you see inside flower displays–which could get punctured by woody flower stems.

Our wood was 6″ wide so I cut off the lip of the plastic insert

flush (well…sorta flush) with the top of the board.


Next – set your saw blade to a 45 degree angle and saw away!

saw-barnwood cut-barnwood-at-45-angle

Place your first 4 boards into position and put in your insert

 to make sure it’s a good fit before gluing/nailing.

Planter insert

Spread glue on cut side of one board, then nail.

If you have a nail gun – lucky you!

 We had brut force and a hammer

(how could 50 year old wood be THAT hard!)

I hammered one nail in each corner, top and bottom for the planter sides.

We like the look of having the plywood about 3/4″ in from all sides from the bottom of your planter – creating a base so the plywood doesn’t show if you are looking at the sides of the planter.

 To accomplish this, cut your plywood smaller than the bottom of your planter.


I hammered in 3 nails on every side of the bottom to make sure it stayed secure

when lifting with plants or flowers inside.


So what do you think?  Fantastic, huh!


My sweet little planter boxes – you are going to be soooo loved AND

you will look so happy with sunflowers, Shasta daisies, some wheat/flax and a bit of rafia!

Then off we go September 13th for the Boots, Bales & BBQ fund raiser

where two of my sweet planters will be auctioned off with their flowers.

I’ll take lots of pictures – I promise!

I’m back!  More images using our Barnwood Planters!


Octoberfest; pumpkins and beer

Wildflowers in Barnwood Planter

Wildflowers in Barnwood Planter


Succulents in Barnwood Planters

Barnwood Planters with hydrangeas and sunflowers

Barnwood Planters with hydrangeas and sunflowers

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