The perfect sunflowers…

Admit it, sunflowers just make you happy!  It would have to be a pretty bad day if you couldn’t smile at those sunny bright yellow petals, wiggling everywhere, at least a hundred million seeds, perfectly even and lined up around in a circle..(well,maybe not a hundred million – but bunches!)

Sunflower-upcloseOk – now didn’t that make you smile?

Look at all those tiny little seeds and perfect yellow petals and that gorgeous California sky.  Wow!

I LOVE this picture and do you believe this:  I shot this picture!- as my grandson would say -“NO WAY”

So I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to take some road trips and photograph nature wherever I ended up, bring home some samples of my trip and see what table settings I could come up with.  Somehow the last few road trips have ended up with wine…hmmm since I live in the amazing wine country surrounding Lodi & Stockton…we shouldn’t be surprised.

So, yes, we bought wine at the end of each trip, but we also had fun along the way:  A picnic at the beach, yummy delights at our fruit stands and lots of wineries!

A friend told me Philips Farms aka Michael David Winery in Lodi had fields and fields of ‘pick-your-own’ flowers so I went to check it out myself.  (they also have award winning DDDelicious wine, hence taking wine home with flowers!)

Michael-David-Winery-entry I walked every row upon row of lovely flowers, simply enjoying the beauty and color, and left with an armful of sunflowers and deep burgundy dahlias.

Butterfly-Bush Sunflower

I’m smiling again!

There are picnic areas under giant trees with abundant flower beds.


Olive trees greet you at every turn.

Michael-David-Winery-picnic-area Hollyhock

I LOVE this Hollyhock.  Isn’t the color just spectacular!

See that gorgeous dahlia peeking out from behind – she came home with me..


Now this is a happy color!  Are you ohhing and ahhing yet?


My heart love for Dahlias rivals my desire to have sunflowers

on hand ALLLLL summer!

Soooo I whispered to them, you BOTH are coming home with me!

Black-Eye-SusansThese little beauties are Sunflowers’ cousins and they live very happily together.

Their fancy name is Rudbeckia hirta, and they are a member of the sunflower tribe of the large family Asteraceae.  Now ya know!

My sweet sunflowers, you are going straight to a picnic!  And my lovely dark and mysterious dahlias you are destined for a lovely table setting with my new vintage dishes.


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