‘Radiant Orchid’

2014-04-13 12.39.28

Radiant Orchid Rhododendron


It’s been awhile, but I’m back~~

I left you with me running off to the fabric store looking for fabric to set a Radiant Orchid table.

Life just kinda took over there for minute!

Yet during this time, I’ve not been idle in my search for ‘something’ Radiant Orchid’ either…my curiosity always takes me first to see what I can find in nature…and I was not disappointed.



Another fine example of God’s amazing creativity.  No wonder Pantone selected Radiant Orchid as this year’s color, just look at these!!



and these

Star Flowers









And of course – the Radiant Orchid herself!


 and then……taddaa!  my favorite…

hydrangea buttons bows

This beautiful “Buttons & Bows” Hydrangea my husband grows is one of my favorite hydrangeas….I know it tends more to the pink than radiant orchid…but I LIKE it!   AND it inspired me to make this adorable Buttons & Bows bib for my ADORABLE 5 month old granddaughter…two beauties together..


Now, finding dishes and fabric for napkins or a tablecloth was a tad bit more challenging…

but I persevered!




radiant orchid paint

Well, there you go… Radiant Orchid –  alive, vibrant, fun and happy and a good friend to so many colors..


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