Welcome Sweet Alice

We all love welcoming a new baby…thoughts of holding a sweet little one, kissing soft cheeks…falling in love all over again with God’s finest creation…

This week, my staff and I hosted a work-baby shower for ‘soon to be stay-at-home-mommy’ Jen and her little girl, Alice.

So to make a happy / sad day the very best, we set a pretty table, ordered some delicious food and enjoyed the day all together.frame sq vase plate glass

I started planning the shower weeks ahead, choosing colors of chocolate and pink with a touch of lace. and hoping our hydrangeas would be in bloom.


Late the night before, I cut several tones of pink hydrangeas from our garden , trimmed up some beautiful white tulips and baby’s breath and began to plan out my arrangements.

upclose long vase at home


I found the perfect fabric to make the napkins:

chocolate brown with pink polka dots!

My favorite  pink damask table runner fit perfectly

down the long conference room table.

Crisp white plates,  clear goblet glasses, and beautiful silverware

with a touch of gold gave the table setting a professional look.

upclose napkin tulip

 Delicate flat white lace wrapped around each vase

was secured with double sided tape and a touch of fabric glue.


Three different sizes of vases break up the  long conference room table.

3 vases length of table

It was still a bit dark when I arrived at work that morning

and began to set the table;

Pretty, isn’t it, as the sun began to stream in, highlighting the flowers.

early morning
length of table closeup

I always love giving a picture frame to the ‘mother-to-be’ and this particular time, I wanted to include some words to express both parts of the celebration:

 ‘Welcome Sweet Alice’ and  ‘Goodbye Jennifer’.

 I was delighted to find the perfect wisdom from our favorite little bear,

Winnie the Pooh.


cropped vase present

long vase plate

sepia colorJust having a little fun with Photoshop Elements sepia settings!

small vase plate

Our lunch was catered by My Country Catering and was absolutely perfect!




The delicious cookies made us forget for just a little while, this was Jen’s last day…

Thanks for sharing our day with us; We’ll miss you Jen!

If your office has a similar event to celebrate, email anneliesastable@gmail.com

& let us tell you how we can help.


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