DIY Gingham Basket

DSCN1129Mother’s Day, Easter, Baby Shower, Sweet Little Girl birthday party….this Gingham Garland is an adorable idea for  your event.  Wrap it around a basket handle, adhere to the edges of a rustic table top or on a tablecloth, encircle a large bowl of bright ripe strawberries or surround a platter of yummy bar-be-que….DSCN0909It’s an easy no sew DIY project!

I bought a 1/4 yard each of 7 different colors of gingham fabric and a roll of jute twine from Hobby Lobby
DSCN0552Next rip 2″ wide x 6″ long strips of fabric

Measure out a length of jute for your particular project.  If you wrap a basket handle, wrap it around and around about 3 times

Tie each fabric strip around the jute, sliding each tied strip along the jute until you’ve covered the length

DSCN0725DSCN0734If you decide to use the garland as a basket handle, hot glue one end of the garland to a  basket handle, wrap garland around the handle about 3 times, fluffing fabric as you go

DSCN0907Tuck the other end of the garland inside  the opposite end of the basket handle.

 Hot glue to secure and…done! DSCN0908

completed basket Add a basket full of surprises and enjoy

…..Or tuck in a beautiful vintage tea cup & tea pot and

give to that special Mom for a Mother’s day giftDSCN1135

For more detailed instructions on creating this adorable garland, follow crafty Libbie Summers or see





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