Baby Shower DIY Projects

You’ll love these easy and pretty gifts and decorations from our ‘Pretty in Pink’ baby shower event.


Lavender Sachets

I was very excited to find a local source for lavender at Pageo Lavender Farms.   If you’re not in the San Joaquin Valley, you can order online from them or from Star West Botanicals;  Think about adding lavender oil to intensify and keep the scent longer.

Let’s get started:  Cut 4″ squares of linen with pinking sheers (2 for each sachet)

Stamp center of fabric, on one or both sides, with a stamp of your theme choice.


With right sides of fabric showing, sew with decorative stitch around 3 3/4 sides, leaving small opening to insert funnel to pour lavender into sachet.  Fill with lavender only 3/4 full; don’t overfill or you won’t be able to sew closed.  Finish sewing open side close.  Stitch ribbon loop in corner of sachet by hand or machine.  Hot glue soft fabric flower in same corner as ribbon loop.

I bought my ink pad,  stamp and fabric ribbon flowers at Hobby Lobby.


There we are….

Sweet smelling sachets for each guest to take home and freshen their closet or drawers.


Wax Flower Wreath

Wax flowers grow on long stems and are usually available at grocery stores.  I started with one long stem of flowers and brought it into a circle to fit the size of my candle holder.  Using floral wire, wrap several times to secure into a circle/wreath shape.  Then fill in blank spots:  Snip off about 4-5″ lengths of stems with lots of flowers.  Group a few stems together and wrap some floral wire around to create a small bouquet.  Attach these mini bouquets to the wreath where you need more flowers.  Slip around the candle and there ya go –

wax flower wreath


Lavender Dryer Sachets

I was surprised at how much the guests loved these!  At first thought – who takes time to put lavender sachets in your dryer??  Well….why not!  You’ll be delightfully surprised at the fresh scent on your clothes.  It makes you feel ‘5-star hotel’ pampered…

Easy to make – start with the color and fabric of your choice.  I had some peach colored chiffon and some old fashioned ribbon in my sewing room so I laid it out and came up with this:

Order bulk lavender heads locally or on-line.  They can tell you how much lavender you will need for the size and number of sachets you plan to make.

Cut 4 layers of fabric for each sachet at least 1.25″ to 1.5″ wider that the lavender sachet


2 layers will go on the bottom, 2 layers on the top



Lay all found pieces of fabric together (without the sachet between them); pin at 4 corners to hold fabric secure.  Pin decorative ribbon on 3 sides, 1.25″ to 1.5″ in from edges.  Sew ribbon on fabric.

Insert lavender sachet.


Finish sewing 4th side close


 Optional:  attach fabric rose and/or looped ribbon



All done – pamper yourself and make one for your family….or a hostess gift

Napkin Rings from Soft Fabric Roses

Coming Soon

Lavender Blueberry Compote with Recipe printed on Linen

Coming Soon

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